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Conference Watch

PATH Reaches Out

Affordable Comfort  (Indianapolis, May 16-21). On May 20, Glen Salas facilitated a discussion about tankless water heaters, home run plumbing, and PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) piping-three of the technologies in PATH's first Tech Set-at a session on High Efficiency Domestic Hot Water Technologies. About 40 builders, designers, and architects attended. The session provided a valuable exchange of practical experience and ideas, and an excellent introduction for those who had never used these technologies before.

American Institute of Architects' 2005 National Convention and Design Exposition (Las Vegas, May 19-May 21). Carlos Martín of PATH spoke on May 20 with the AIA Housing Committee about the AIA-HUD Housing Awards for Design Excellence, and on May 21 about putting design back in affordable housing. In addition to discussing initiatives to improve the overall quality of design in affordable housing, Carlos spoke about the need for architects to negotiate between visionary design and technology and their real cost and cultural implications. Such negotiation is evident in PATH efforts like the PATH Concept Home, as well as HUD-sponsored design tools like the Affordable Housing Design Advisor ( Dr. Martín's comments were received by over 500 convention attendees; numerous others viewed his comments online through AIA's eClassroom at

PCBC 2005 (San Francisco, May 31-June 3). PATH shared PATH technologies and recommended practices with more than 250 builders, remodelers, manufacturers, architects, homeowners, affordable housing providers, and researchers at this year's PCBC exhibition. Many attendees were unfamiliar with PATH; others had never seen several of the technologies PATH displayed. Attendees were pleased to learn about PATH technologies, especially in light of California's new Title 24 requirements that raise building efficiency standards. The new requirements will go into effect this October.

On the Calendar

21st Century Building Expo and Conference
See PATH this summer at the 21st Century Building Expo and Conference (Charlotte, NC, September 14-16), presented by the North Carolina Home Builders Association. Glen Salas from PATH will speak on building an innovative, sustainable home September 15, 1:30-3:30. Mr. Salas will also discuss teambuilding to facilitate innovative practices, and pride and profit for both the builder and homeowner.

Content updated on 10/5/2005

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