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Save BIG on Drywall Installation

What's exciting about drywall clips and stops? These plastic or metal accessories make installing drywall quicker and easier, and manufacturers say they can save $100 on material costs per 1,000 square feet of living space.

What Are They?

Drywall clips and stops are small pieces of hardware that function as structural backing / fastening for drywall.

They support drywall at corners and replace blocking at top plates, end walls, and corners. They eliminate "U-Boxes," partition tees and backup lumber at ceiling joists.

Drywall clips and stops also allow builders to create two-stud corners, which makes it easier for plumbers and electricians to run wires and pipes. Two-stud corners can also be more effectively insulated, reducing cold corners and creating a more comfortable home.

Metal drywall stops cost between $.07 and $.13 each, compared to $.10 for wire stops and $.09 to $.14 for each plastic stop, depending on quantity purchase.

Let's See Some Pictures

If you still can't picture exactly what they do, don't fret. Below are pictures of two types of drywall clips and stops, along with diagrams showing where they can be used.

Drywall Clips

[IMAGE: CornerBack Fastener]

[IMAGE: Use of Cornerback on partition walls]

[IMAGE: Use of Cornerback on corners]

A drywall clip by Prest-on Drywall Fasteners.

Corner-back fasteners eliminate the need for studs at partition walls.

Corner-back fasteners also support drywall at corners. They allow builders to use two-stud corners, as pictured.

Drywall Stops

[IMAGE: Simpson strong-tie drywall stop]

A drywall stop by Simpson Strong-Tie.

The drywall stop can hang drywall at corners, partition walls, and ceilings without the need for costly backing.

Additional Sources of Information

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Content updated on 8/4/2006

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