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Tech Set 3: HVAC: Forced Air System

This Tech Set shows you how to improve the energy efficiency, durability, and performance of the forced air system through proper design and installation procedures.

The key is to bring the mechanical contractor into the house's design process to ensure both the easy installation of ductwork in conditioned space and the proper sizing and design of the HVAC equipment and duct placement.

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1. Design ducts in conditioned space using Manual D®
2. Properly size equipment using ACCA's Manual J® and Manual S®
3. Locate condensing unit for optimum airflow
4. Incorporate ducts into the home design and use dedicated chases
5. Use trim-able open web floor trusses
6. Specify ENERGY STARŪ qualified equipment

7. Specify energy-efficient controlled mechanical ventilation
8. Install an ENERGY STAR qualified programmable thermostat
9. Seal plenum and ducts with UL 181 approved sealant
10. Mask HVAC outlets during construction
11. Install a filter rated for occupant's needs

Goal of this Tech Set

Implementing the Tech Set

Mainstreaming these Recommendations

Code Issues

Tech Set Printout [ .pdf, 136 KB]

Content updated on 9/14/2007

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