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HVAC Installation

HVAC contractors may miss important steps if they are rushed through a job or rely on rules of thumb. For this reason, it is important for builders to personally check to make sure that the plenum and ductwork are properly protected during construction and thoroughly sealed using code approved products.


9. Seal all ducts and plenum junctions with UL 181 rated foil tape, or apply mastic, the only sealant approved by the ACCA. Improperly sealed ducts are all too common, so personally inspect them to ensure that the actual ducts are sealed properly (and not just the duct insulation). This is especially important if the ducts are in unconditioned attics or crawlspaces.

10. Mask HVAC outlets during construction. Sealing off the duct supplies and returns during construction keeps dust, dirt, and construction debris from entering the duct run. This is especially important if the supply is in the floor. It is also important to vacuum ducts, boots, and grilles before turning on the central system because large amounts of dust or any debris can damage the mechanical equipment.

11. Install a filter rated for the home's needs. A proper filter keeps unhealthy particulates out of the air. To determine which filters are appropriate, follow the mechanical equipment manufacturer's instructions.

Content updated on 12/7/2005

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