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Project Chronology

Demonstration Site: Habitat for Humanity - Westchester County, NY

September 2001 - Steven Winter Associates (SWA) presents at Habitat for Humanity (HfH) Builder's conference on affordable housing.

October 2001 - Founder of HfH visits Yonkers, New York, and Mayor promises 25 lots for HfH to celebrate HfH's 25th anniversary. SWA receives PATH Level 1 project approval following HfH and City of Yonkers request for six duplex units in three buildings. PATH meeting with HfH is held. PATH sends ENERGY STAR ®/technologies data.

November 2001 - Architect sends 15th iteration of site plan in an attempt to solve planning issue of an on-again off-again deli planning requirement. PATH gives preliminary mechanical recommendations.

April 2002 - PATH submits energy analysis. PATH comments on architectural plans. Structural plans submitted for building department review.

May 2002 - PATH calculates building performance and recommends mechanical systems.

June 2002 - Confirm wastewater heat recovery devices are donated and to be used. Mechanical system designs confirmed.

July 2002 - HfH confirms city land transfer problems.

September 2002 - HfH anticipates building permit any day. Decide to construct Walnut Duplex first versus two on Porach. Soils/debris problems encountered causing a pier foundation. Build-a-Thon memorial for 9-11 event.

October 2002 - Grading completed for foundation start.

November 2002 - Piers poured and grade beams formed for Walnut duplex.

January 2003 - Foundation walls of insulated form system. Engineering floor deck installed.

February 2003 - SIPs erected awaiting next deck. Walls and roof system. Volunteers preparing SIPs for next two duplexes. ENERGY STAR® work moving forward.

March 2003 - The Walnut Street duplex is being built first, followed by the duplexes on the corner of Walnut and Porach Streets. HfHW indicated resolution of the encroachment issues and expects the foundations will start in two weeks. Completion of all six units is scheduled before October 2003. HfHW signed the builder enrollment forms for New York State ENERGY STAR. One Porach, the original house, has been ENERGY STAR rated. Additionally, Habitat for Humanity founder Millard Fuller will be visiting October 23, 2003. A public outreach event will be planned during this visit. At that time, the six units included in this project will be dedicated along with rededication of the initial three.

April 2003 - Project approved for Level II status. Work scheduled to continue on all six units.

May 2003 - The first duplex, built facing Walnut Street, is farthest along with rough framing complete to roof trusses. The Walnut Street duplex is being built first, followed by the duplexes on the corner of Walnut and Porach Streets. HfHW is proceeding with framing for roof and decks/railings/stairs. Completion of all six units is scheduled before October 2003. The remaining two duplexes, fronting on Porach, have been excavated with gravel pads established and ICF foundations started. Millard Fuller is scheduled to return to Yonkers on October 23, 2003, to dedicate the six units. A major outreach event is being planned for this dedication. Neighborhood, community, and corporate support are strong. June 2003 - The first duplex construction progress continues while the remaining two have ICF foundations erected.

July 2003 - PATH has been working to get approval for HfH Westchester to participate in the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Photovoltaic Program. ICF foundations completed and walls started.

August 2003 - Team exploring the possibility of installing three small PV systems on three of the six duplex units through a program sponsored by NYSERDA. Framing complete on initial duplex. Roofing installed on most of unit. ICF walls cast. Framing starts on remaining duplexes. A dedication by Millard Fuller at the annual celebration in Yonkers is scheduled for October 23, 2003.

September 2003 - HfHW is participating in the (NYSERDA) Photovoltaic Program. Three small PV systems on three of the six duplex units are being installed and are connected to the electric meters. As part of NYSERDA's program, there are requirements for a model home that would open to the public. HfH W is working to have the systems installed for dedication by Millard Fuller, Habitat for Humanity founder, at the celebration in Yonkers on October 23, 2003. A major marketing and public outreach event is being planned for this dedication.

Content updated on 9/13/2005

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