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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Field Evaluation: Model reMODEL

Project Profile and Results

Full Final Report July 2001

This evaluation focused on the use of several PATH technologies in a remodeling project. The project is the 1999 Model reMODEL, located in Philadelphia, and was completed for the 1999 National Association of Home Builders Remodelors' Show. The owner and contractor for the project is Mark Wade, who has completed over twenty similar rehabs throughout Philadelphia. The project was sponsored by Professional Remodelor magazine, which tracked the progress of the construction on it's web page.

Built in the 1830's, the home is a brick masonry row house on a stone foundation. The building was gutted and required all new interior walls, windows, floor finishes, fixtures, mechanical systems, plumbing systems, and electrical systems.

This evaluation measured the cost for materials and labor for the selected technologies. Also, reactions from the contractor and subcontractors to their use were obtained through interviews. In addition, interviews with industry professionals and potential consumers were conducted to evaluate the perception of the technologies. Open houses and tours during the Remodelors' Show presented a unique opportunity to gather survey data and conduct interviews with a wide range of industry professionals. Results of the Field Evaluation are contained in a Final report published in July 2001.

Technologies Incorporated in the project:

See the project profile for construction photos and status.

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