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Studor, Inc.

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Studor manufactures air admittance valves.

Field Evaluation Participation:
Dallas, TX
The Vistas at Kensington Park is an urban infill subdivision project, which provides low-income families with durable, energy-efficient homes at a reasonable price. The standard design included air admittance valves (AAVs) to reduce the amount of vent pipe needed for the plumbing system, allow greater flexibility in the layout of fixtures, and eliminate penetrations in the roof.

Bowie, MD
The MADE (marketable, affordable, durable, entry-level) homes are compact, flexible 1,700 square foot, 1-½ story designs, in which the NAHB Research Center incorporated AAVs with the final plumbling hook-ups.

Schenectady, NY
The Schenectady Habitat for Humanity home was a pilot demonstration project partially supported by the Schenectady Builders & Remodelers Association Green Building program. The project evaluated energy consumption of a radiant floor heating system and AAVs.

Santa Fe, NM
In Rancho San Marcos, a 2300-square-foot ranch style home was constructed on a slab-on-ground, with 24-inch deep stem walls. Due to water shortages in the area, a greywater reuse system and a rainwater collection system were used. AAVs were used for this project in order to save on time and material costs.

Special Projects:
Studor is a Concept Home Product Partner.

Content updated on 8/4/2006

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