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March 18, 2005

First Concept Home Prototype Partner Named

Clever Homes, future partners promote flexible building and other principles

The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) has named Clever Homes, LLC, the first Concept Home Prototype Partner, a move that marks the closing gap between concept and design in PATH's development of the home of the future. The Prototype Partner Program is designed to bring together pioneering builders, developers and researchers experimenting with the flexible building principles that underlie the Concept Home.

The PATH Concept Home represents a long-term, multipart initiative to develop homes that meet the needs of the American family for flexible living space and enhanced home performance. The project also involves increased use of factory built components. Prototype Partners and PATH will agree to share information and discoveries in the continuing movement toward these principles.

Clever Homes, a San Francisco-based design and construction systems company, was selected based on its flexible home designs, such as the Now House, currently on display in San Francisco. The company has a history of promoting and developing building systems that integrate existing technologies while advancing and improving prefabricated construction methods.

"Clever Homes has always promoted the progressive and flexible construction principles demonstrated in the PATH Concept Home," Clever Homes CEO Scott Redmond said. "The Prototype Partner program is a logical step to create a mutually beneficial relationship with PATH."

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