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Regulatory Evaluation

The building regulatory system in the United States can be very complicated and difficult to negotiate for anyone not intimately familiar with the process. PATH collaborates with the International Code Council (ICC) Evaluation Service, the ICC-ES, to help manufacturers address the issue of building code compliance.

The ICC-ES was established February 1, 2003, from a consolidation of the National Evaluation Service, ICBO Evaluation Service, SBCCI Public Safety Testing and Evaluation Services, and BOCAI evaluation services. PATH previously collaborated with NES, which was an independent, nonprofit organization that conducted a voluntary and advisory program for evaluation of building materials, products, and systems with respect to U.S. building codes.

International Code Council (ICC) - International Building Code and international residential code. The founders of the ICC are Building Officials and Code Administrators International, Inc. (BOCA), International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO), and Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc. (SBCCI).

The ICC Evaluation Service has in development the following services in support of PATH and offers many other services in support of new technology acceptance:

Contact Information

Dana Bres
451 7th Street, SW, Room 8134
Washington, DC 20410-0001
(202) 708-4370

Content updated on 9/1/2005

Regulatory Evaluation
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