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March 3, 2005

PATH Participates in U.S.-Mexico Forum on Housing Innovation

QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO - The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) was part of a delegation from the United States to participate in the U.S.-Mexico Forum on Public-Private Partnerships for Housing Innovation from February 28 to March 1. Key representatives from both the public and private sectors from each country took part in intensive discussions over the two-day meeting.

Members of the U.S. and Mexico delegations met in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Attending on behalf of PATH were Carlos Martín of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Office of Policy Development and Research, and David Engel, director of HUD's Division of Affordable Housing Research and Technology. Other members of the U.S. delegation included Shawn Martin of the National Association of Home Builders Research Center; Theresa Weston from Dupont; David Conover from the International Code Council; and PATH Concept Home Advisory Panel member Fernando Pages Ruiz from Brighton Construction. Several other PATH industry and Federal partners also participated.

The forum was part of a broader strategy to build bonds to promote economic growth and higher living standards for citizens of both the United States and Mexico. A key vehicle for this development is the use of public-private alliances. In relation to housing and technology, such alliances have proven critical--if not essential--for change.

This housing technology retreat opened up a dialogue for transfer between the two nation's industries and governments, thereby creating the potential for additional partnerships. Specifically, the forum introduced key research and strategic leaders from industry and government between the United States and Mexico; presented the latest findings and developments in housing technology from both nations, and linked them to changes in housing finance, regulation, and markets; and provided comparisons and steps towards integrative partnerships across national governmental agencies and with private industry.

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Content updated on 5/2/2005

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