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Manufactured Housing Technology Development

Today, one-third of all single family sales and one-fourth of all new single family housing starts in the nation are manufactured homes. Demand for manufactured homes continues to grow as more homebuyers and developers recognize that manufactured housing offers quality homes at affordable prices.

The Manufactured Housing Research Alliance (MHRA) leads cooperative PATH research in manufactured housing to address the need for research on manufactured housing. MHRA is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the building methods and construction of manufactured homes.

Research conducted by MHRA in cooperation with PATH focuses on:

  • Root causes of moisture damage.
  • Evaluation of foundation systems currently on the market and their installation techniques.
  • Development of a Design Approval Primary Inspection Agency (DAPIA)-approved manufactured home design using cold-formed steel framing instead of wood framing.
  • Identification of current regulatory hurdles that prevent use of manufactured homes in single-family attached developments.

For a list of specific projects conducted by MHRA and PATH, click here.


Moisture Problems in Manufactured Homes: Understanding Their Causes and Finding Solutions
Reviews the symptoms of typical problems, outlines preventive measures, and provides solutions pertinent to home design, manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance.

Publications available from HUD USER on Manufactured Housing
Primary source for Federal Government reports and information on housing policy and programs, building technology, economic development, urban planning, and other housing-related topics.

Contact Information

Emanuel Levy, Executive Director
220 West 93rd Street
New York, NY 10025
Tel (212) 666-7771
Fax (212) 666-5389

Content updated on 9/1/2005

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