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PATH Technology Roadmapping

Before PATH partners could promote new technologies for homes, PATH had to know which technology areas had the greatest need and potential for development. The PATH Technology Roadmaps offer convenient starting points for planning Federal and private-sector R&D investments by focusing on key industry needs. Roadmapping sets the strategic R&D planning process for PATH and the industry as a whole. PATH's Industry Steering Committee, composed of more than 150 prominent industry figures, has met over the past few years to identify these key technology needs for new home construction and the primary needs for existing homes.

The PATH Technology Roadmap Working Group met in Baltimore, December 9-10, 2002. Discussion focused on two Roadmaps: Information Technology and Advanced Panelized Construction. Read the summary from the meeting (PDF format, 45 KB).

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Current PATH Roadmaps

Additional Roadmapping Reports

Content updated on 11/7/2003

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