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Industry Roundtables

PATH sponsors a series of roundtables through ToolBase and other partners to address specific areas of housing technology interest that intersect with PATH's work. The following is a list of documents created from the Roundtables.

Removing Building Regulatory Barriers (PDF, 178 kb)
December 3, 2003 (published 2004)
Experts in the building regulatory process and technology deployment issues met to identify and clarify barriers and opportunities associated with the building regulatory process and to provide suggestions to stimulate innovation. This report provides information on the planning, execution and outcome of the roundtable.

Making the Quality Connection: Improving the Building Industry Insurance Situation Through Quality Assurance Programs (*.pdf, 65 KB)
January 23, 2003
The goal of this roundtable was to produce a better understanding of the nature of the insurance problems facing the home building industry, and identify how a quality assurance development and certification program might address these problems.

Housing Innovation and the Appraisal Process (*.pdf, 400 KB)
December 18, 2001
Representatives from the home building and development, appraisal, real estate, lending, energy, and research sectors discussed the valuation of residential housing technology, property valuation, information sources, roadblocks to innovation, and areas for potential improvement for technology adoption.

Certification of Products for the Mature Market: Executive Summary(*.pdf, 63 KB)
October 4, 2000
Discussions on whether certification of products specifically designed to meet the needs of America's aging population would be beneficial, and if so, appropriate scope and measurement criteria.

Supply Chain Solutions from the Homebuilding Industry: Executive Summary
August 8, 2000
Describes topics relevant to the NAHB Research Center's National Center for Seniors' Housing Research and ToolBase Services in cooperation with the U.S. Administration on Aging, HUD, and PATH.

Changing Demographics (*.pdf, 400 KB)
September 30, 1999
Top executives from industrial suppliers and innovative builders from key markets around the country gathered for a roundtable discussion on changing U.S. demographics.

New Horizons in Quality Management
April 23, 1999
Explores where leading quality builders are heading in the twenty-first century.

The Manufactured Home
February 25, 1999
Discussions related to manufactured housing between builders, producers of manufactured and modular housing, and manufacturers.

Labor Shortages and Productivity in the Homebuilding Industry
August 12, 1998
Explores the connection between labor shortages and stagnating productivity in the homebuilding industry.

Content updated on 9/22/2004

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