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Tech Set graphic Indoor Air Quality

Looking for market advantage? You just found it.

PATH introduces "Tech Sets," a new resource to help builders implement innovations in manageable, systems-based packages. Tech Sets take the guesswork out of choosing cost-effective technologies that can improve home quality and deliver distinct market advantage.

A new Tech Set will be released every quarter.

Tech Set 9, Indoor Air Quality

The ninth PATH Tech Set, Indoor Air Quality, covers the basic steps that ensure a comfortable and healthier indoor environment. As builders, remodelers, and homeowners focus their efforts on energy efficiency, less fresh air leaks in. This, coupled with outdoor air that might not be too desirable anyway, impacts the quality of the air within homes.

1. Materials with Low VOCs
2. Ventilation, Humidity Control and Air Filtration
3. Durable Building Envelope Details

4. Sealed Combustion Appliances
5. Occupant Vigilance

Previous Tech Sets

Tech Set 1, Resource Efficient Plumbing shows how to decrease the cost of construction and maintenance by promoting effective systems integration of the water distribution and used water (greywater) recycling network.

Tech Set 2, Durable Building Envelope Details shows builders and homeowners how to improve the durability of a building envelope--which is the thermal and air barrier that separate conditioned and unconditioned space, such as walls, roofs, windows, and foundations.

Tech Set 3, HVAC: Forced Air System shows builders how to improve the energy efficiency, durability, and performance of the forced air system through proper design and installation procedures.

Tech Set 4, Energy-Efficient Lighting shows builders and homeowners how to improve the comfort and energy-efficiency of a home through daylighting strategies and money-saving artificial lighting techniques.

Tech Set 5, Storm-Resistant Roofing shows you how to protect against both structural failure and water infiltration while adding minimal additional costs.

Tech Set 6, The Sun in the 21st Century shows you how to significantly lower energy bills by taking advantage of the sun's energy.

Tech Set 7, Storm-Resistant Openings shows you how to mitigate against strong winds by strengthening the openings in your house -- which are the most common points of failure in hurricanes and tornados.

Tech Set 8, Green Kitchen Remodel explains the opportunities to improve the home's performance with upgrades to this vital room.

Content updated on 2/27/2008

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