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December 29, 2004

PATH Asks Homebuilders and Homeowners, "Are You Ready?"

2005 Concept Home Project to show the way

Throughout the past year, PATH has repeatedly asked the homebuilding industry whether it was ready to take on the challenge of building a high quality, affordable home that could...

The PATH Concept Home

  • accommodate changing lifestyles
  • adapt to technological advances
  • be easy to repair and remodel
  • look like custom-built

... and all be built in 20 days.

The conceptual buzz created around this challenge lead to the PATH Concept Home, PATH's latest effort to help advance innovation in the housing industry by collecting the best ideas of leaders in the homebuilding industry and presenting a vision of what can be.

But as the new year begins, PATH is raising the bar.

, PATH kicked off the 2005 PATH Concept Home Project, which builds off the first year's work by developing full plans and specifications for homes with Concept Home technologies. Furthermore, 2005 will mean working closely with those manufacturers willing to look forward and produce these systems, and the designers who can envision the needs of America's changing households.  

The first year's project resulted in schematic designs for prototype homes with components that can be implemented today -- ideas and technologies that can be adopted into current building practices and that fit well into current market changes. These designs also suggested some visionary components, challenging manufacturers and builders to translate ideas into reality. Specific innovation areas in the first PATH Concept Home include: space plan flexibility, separated home systems with integrated subsystems; organized utilities; and improved production methods. The original PATH Concept Home designs received major public and industry trade coverage; models of these were unveiled at a press reception for government and industry on June 2004 in Washington, D.C. and are currently touring the country.

With the addition of this year's work, PATH is well on its way toward getting Concept Home technologies widely available in the marketplace, and actually building and selling Concept Homes with innovative builders.

Details of the PATH Concept Home as well as updates throughout the year on the 2005 project can be found on PATHnet.

Content updated on 7/20/2009

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