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Green Remodeling in Atlanta

SawHorse, Inc., is proud to be the first design/build firm to offer EarthCraft™ certification -- a green renovation program that assists remodelers and homeowners in creating energy-efficient, healthy, environmentally-friendly homes using standard building techniques and materials.

As an infill project, the firm recently built a durable, energy-efficient home that meets both EarthCraft and ENERGY STAR ® requirements. The entire house is insulated with sprayed-foam insulation. HVAC equipment and ducts are all located in conditioned space. To provide appropriate air exchanges, outside intakes are activated when the heating or cooling system operates. To increase durability, no wood was used on the exterior of the house. The finishes include fiber-cement siding and paneling, vinyl windows, and stone.

Designing for Sustainable Communities

One of the largest architectural and planning firms headquartered in the metropolitan Washington area, Torti Gallas and Partners has begun revitalization of an existing 200-acre, 885-unit public housing neighborhood in Tacoma, Washington. A participant in the development of the PATH Concept Home architectural model, this PATH Partner emphasizes sustainability at all levels of building design. Torti Gallas is concerned with low impact design, meeting and exceeding ENERGY STAR requirements, and designing for affordability and quality control.

Tacoma community imageThe master plan consists of increasing the density to 1,250 mixed-income units. By incorporating various low impact development strategies, stormwater run-off will be reduced, and restoration of the natural hydrological cycle will clean pollutants from the site and restore the groundwater levels. Some of the strategies include: bioretention swales, preservation of existing trees, high-density development with ample open space, reforestation, enhanced soils, enhanced landscape design, and reduction of impervious surfaces.

Content updated on 9/1/2005

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