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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Demonstration Site: Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity--the nonprofit international organization that engages volunteers and would-be homebuyers in programs that emphasize "sweat equity" and self-help--has new home construction and rehabilitation projects taking place all across the U.S. Habitat's volume of work, and PATH's interest in introducing new technologies and building products, converged in this Philadelphia project featuring PATH technologies and performance objectives.

A home at 1026 Colorado Street in South Philadelphia was selected by the Habitat for Humanity/PATH team as a project site. The construction of the rehabilitated housing was managed by the local Habitat affiliate, with PATH support. PATH conducted testing and evaluation of selected dwelling units and their systems and components as appropriate.

The HFHP PATH Demonstration Project was a success for the affiliate as well as HFHI. Working together, the project team defined their goals and successfully achieved them through the rehabilitation of the row house at 1026 Colorado Street. The project is a model for row house rehabilitation projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic States, proving that indeed it is possible to use new technologies and sound construction techniques to produce quality, affordable, safe, environmentally-friendly, healthy homes.


In the design development phase of the project, PATH worked with Habitat to optimize HVAC performance, conserve energy through sustainable design, incorporate PATH technologies and other environmentally friendly building materials, and help ensure energy- and resource-efficient construction practices.

PATH technologies and other environmentally-friendly building materials and systems considered included: optimum value engineered framing, engineered wood, high-efficiency furnaces, and ENERGY STAR ® appliances.

Status Updates:

This project has been completed.

Project Chronology

Content updated on 7/17/2006

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