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Melbourne, Florida

Demonstration Site: Mercedes Homes/FEMA

Final Case Study Report [.pdf, 1.2 MB] August 2005

Teaming with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, PATH is contributing to making houses safer in hurricane-prone regions of the country. This project, with Mercedes Homes, a local production builder, focused on making poured concrete homes that are more resistant to hurricane-force winds. The goal of the project was to demonstrate mitigation strategies and technologies, and also to incorporate better building practices that add to life safety and property preservation.

The project had two phases. In the first, team members such as Mercedes, Fannie Mae, FEMA, PATH, the Florida Energy Extension Service at the University of Florida, and Steven Winter Associates studied the various products, technologies, construction methods, materials, and strategies to improve a home's hurricane resistance. In the second phase, a select package of mitigation technologies and quality assurance strategies were implemented in two demonstration homes built on sites in Rockledge, Florida. The homes are being monitored and studied, and a "package" of strategies are being developed that provide the best investment for hazard mitigation. This package has been offered as a way to reduce insurance premiums through leading Florida underwriters.


Status Update:

This project has been completed.

The Melbourne Demonstration Site is featured in an article in the July 2005 issue of Professional Builder

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Content updated on 9/13/2006

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