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Warwick, New York

Demonstration Site: Warwick Grove

Final Case Study Report [.pdf, 802 KB] August 2005


Warwick Grove features 215 units for residents age 55 and older. The site is within an hour of New York City, located on 130 wooded acres nestled between County Route 17-A and Forester Avenue, in Warwick, New York. The developer is Warwick Grove Company, LLC, an affiliate of LeylandAlliance LLC and Tarragon Corporation. Designed by Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, this active adult community emphasizes walkable neighborhoods that are pedestrian friendly. Leyland Alliance blended the new urbanist site design principles with traditional regional architecture, and energy-efficient, sustainable building practices.

Rendering of Warwick Grove. PATH technical advisors consulted with the HVAC contractors, the insulation contractor, and the project architect to discuss vented versus unvented crawl spaces, and insulating the crawl space walls rather than the floor. This approach placed the HVAC equipment within conditioned space. Conditioning an unvented crawl space increases energy efficiency and savings for the homeowner without increasing costs for builders, since an insulated crawl space will eliminate the need to insulate the floor.

PATH Technologies

The project included several PATH-recommended technologies and techniques:

Status Updates

This project has been completed.

The Warwick Demonstration Site is featured in an article in the July 2005 issue of Professional Builder .

Project Chronology

Content updated on 9/13/2006

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