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PATH produces a variety of publications to inform both consumers and housing professionals of the latest innovations in housing technology. These publications can be downloaded online*. Many are also available in hard copy from HUD USER and can be ordered by calling HUD USER at 1-800-245-2691.

PATH publications are listed by topic. Click here to view an alphabetical listing of PATH publications.

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Research Results


Markets and Policy

Research Results

Accelerating the Adoption of Vacuum Insulation Technology in Home Construction, Renovation, and Remodeling

Advanced Panelized Construction - Technology Roadmap

Advanced Residential Roof Systems

Air of Importance: A Study of Air Distribution Systems in Manufactured Homes

Alternative Framing Materials in Residential Construction: Three Case Studies

Alternatives for Minimizing Moisture Problems in Homes Located in Hot, Humid Climates: Interim Report

Assessing Housing Durability: A Pilot Study

Assessment of Damage to Single-Family Homes Caused by Hurricanes Andrew and Iniki

Attic Ventilation Design Strategies for Manufactured Homes

Building Moisture and Durability

Climate Effect on Durability of Wood

Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Engineered Panelized Walls: Two Case Studies

Developing a Calculator for Evaluating Physical Design Characteristics and Whole House Performance: A Preliminary Method

Energy Efficiency in Existing Homes - Technology Roadmap
- Volume 1: Technology Brainstorming
- Volume 2: Strategies Defined

Field Test of Advanced Duct-Sealing Technologies within the Weatherization Assistance Program

Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations in Residential Construction

Hurricane George in the Gulf Coast

Hurricane Georges in Puerto Rico

Improving Air Distribution Systems (ADS) Performance in Manufactured Homes

Industrializing the Residential Construction Site

Industrializing the Residential Construction Site Phase II: Information Mapping

Industrializing the Residential Construction Site Phase III: Production Systems

Industrializing the Residential Construction Site Phase IV: Production Simulation

Information Technology to Accelerate and Streamline Home Building - Technology Roadmap

Innovative Residential Floor Construction: Horizontal Diaphragm Values for Cold-Formed Steel Framing

Innovative Residential Floor Construction: Structural Evaluation of Steel Joists with Pre-Formed Web Openings

In-Plane Shear Resistance of Insulating Concrete Form Walls

Insulating Concrete Forms: Comparative Thermal Performance

Insulating Concrete Forms: Installed Cost and Acoustic Performance

Lintel Testing for Reduced Shear Reinforcement in Insulating Concrete Form Systems

Measurements of Apparent Sound Insulation of Exterior and Interior Walls

Model Guidelines for Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Engineered Panelized Walls

Moisture Problems in Manufactured Homes

New Madrid Seismic Zone: Overview of Earthquake Hazard and Magnitude Assessment Based on Fragility of Historic Structures

NextGen Final Report

Northridge Earthquake Effect on Manufactured Housing in California

On-Site Protection of Structures

Organizing Residential Utilities: A New Approach to Housing Quality

Perforated Shear Walls With Conventional and Innovative Base Restraint Connections

Research and Development Needs for Structural Performance of Light-Frame Residential Construction

Residential Panels Benchmarking Requirements

Residential Steel Framing: Fire and Acoustic Details

Southwest Housing Traditions: Design, Materials, Performance

Steel Framing Prototype Development: Final Report

Steel vs. Wood Cost Comparison: Beaufort Demonstration Homes

Steel vs. Wood Long-Term Thermal Performance Comparison: Valparaiso Demonstration Homes

Studies on Probability-Based Design for Residential Construction

Technology Roadmapping for Manufactured Housing

Technology Scanning Across Industries

The Ten Most Wanted: A Search for Solutions to Reduce Recurring Losses From Natural Hazards

Testing and Design of Lintels Using Insulating Concrete Forms

Water Intrusion Evaluation for Caulkless Siding, Window, And Door Systems

Whole House and Building Process Redesign - Technology Roadmap

Wind-Borne Debris: Impact Resistance of Residential Glazing

Wood Shear Walls with Corners


Affordability and Value Through Housing Technology: Programs and Services Guide

Affordable Housing Design Advisor

Before You Install Exterior Wood-Based Siding

Builder's Guide to Marketable, Affordable, and Durable Entry-level Homes (MADE) To Last

A Builders' Guide to Residential Steel Floors

Building America Newsletter

Building Concrete Masonry Homes: Design and Construction

Community Guide to Basic and Cost-Saving Construction in the American Southwest

Concrete Masonry Homes: Recommended Practices

Controlling Moisture in Homes

Cost and Benefits of Insulating Concrete Forms for Residential Construction

Creating Defensible Space

Design for a Cold-Formed Steel Framed Manufactured Home

Design Guide for Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations

Durability By Design: A Guide for Residential Builders and Designers

Economical ICF to Cold-Formed Steel Floor Connections

Electronic Permitting Systems and How to Implement Them

Energy Desk Book

Energy Efficient Rehab Advisor

Energy Performance Contracting for Public and Indian Housing

Factory and Site-Built Housing: A Comparative Analysis

Fair Housing Act Design Manual

Field Evaluations and Recommendations for Steel Framed Homes


Finishes for Butcher Blocks, Countertops, and Wooden Utensils

Finishes for Wood Decks

Getting Building Technology Accepted: Developing and Deploying New Building Technologies

A Guide to Deconstruction: An Overview of Deconstruction With a Focus on Community Development Opportunities

Guide to Foundation and Support Systems for Manufactured Homes

The Guideline on Fire Ratings of Archaic Materials and Assemblies

Healthy Homes for Children Brochure

Home Builders' Guide to Manufactured Housing

Homes for Everyone: Universal Design Principles in Practice

HUD Rehab Guide Series (Volumes 1-9)

HVAC Sizing Methodology for Insulated Concrete Homes

Hybrid Wood and Steel Details--Builder's Guide

Implementing a Quality Assurance System: A Trade Contractor Case Study

Innovative Rehabilitation Technologies: A State of the Art Overview

Innovative Structural Systems for Home Construction

The Ins and Outs of Caulking

Installing HUD-Code Homes

Insulating Concrete Forms for Residential Construction

Life Cycle Assessment Tools to Measure Environmental Impacts

Manufactured Home Installation Training Manual

Manufactured Home Producer's Guide to the Site-Built Market

Manufactured Homes: Saving Money by Saving Energy

Mold and Mildew on Wood: Causes and Treatment

New Ideas in Manufactured Housing

Next Generation of Manufactured Housing

Opportunities to Improve Manufactured Housing Through the Use of Advanced Adhesives and Sealants

Overview of Retrofit Strategies: A Guide for Apartment Owners and Managers

Paint, Stain, Varnish, or Preservative? It's Your Choice

Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing

Place Bark Side Face Up or Face Down?

Practice of Low Impact Development

Prescriptive Method for Connecting Cold-Formed Steel Framing to Insulating Concrete Form Walls in Residential Construction

Prescriptive Method for Insulating Concrete Forms in Residential Construction

Prescriptive Method for Residential Cold-Formed Steel Framing

Protecting Wood From Humidity

Quality Assurance System for Wood Framing Contractors

Rehab Guide: Volumes 1-9

Residential Rehabilitation Inspection Guide

Residential Remodeling and Universal Design

Residential Structural Design Guide: 2000 Edition

Retrofitting Apartment Buildings to Conserve Water: A Guide for Managers, Engineers, and Contractors

Roof Framing Connections in Conventional Residential Construction

Smart Codes in Your Community: A Guide to Building Rehabilitation Codes

Staining Western Redcedar and Redwood Siding

Steel vs. Wood, Cost and Short Term Energy Comparison: Valparaiso Demonstration Homes

Stripping Paint From Exterior Wood Surfaces

Structural Design Loads for One- and Two-Family Dwellings

Test for Wood Decay

ToolBase News

Top 5 Ways to Sell Innovation

Top Ten Technologies

Tornado Safe Room Information

Whole House Ventilation Strategies

Why Your House Paint Failed

Wood Exposed Outdoors

Wood Shakes and Shingles: Tips for Longer Life

Markets and Policy

Barriers to Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing

Building Better Homes at Lower Costs

Building Innovation for Homeownership

Characteristics of New Housing, 1999

Commercialization of Innovation: Lessons Learned

Diffusion of Innovation in the Residential Building Industry

Eliminating Barriers to the Use of HUD-Code Housing in Attached Construction

Homeowner's Insurance as a Tool for Adoption of Innovation

Housing Innovation and the Appraisal Process

Improving Durability in Housing Background Paper

Innovations at the Cutting Edge: New Ideas in Manufactured Housing

Innovative Rehabilitation Provisions

Integrating Panels into the Production Homebuilding Process

Making the Quality Connection: Improving the Building Industry Insurance Situation Through Quality Assurance Programs

Measuring and Assessing the Consequences of Technology and Innovation for Affordability in Housing: Proceedings of the NIST - PATH Workshop

National Construction Goals

National Forum on PATH Durability Research Report

National Research Council: Year 2000 Progress Assessment of the PATH Program

National Survey of Rehabilitation Enforcement Practices

Nationally Applicable Recommended Rehabilitation Provisions

Overcoming Barriers to Innovation in the Homebuilding Industry

Rehabilitation Data Needs: A Building Industry Forum

Reliability of Conventional Residential Construction

Removing Building Regulatory Barriers

A Report on the Feasibility of Deconstruction

Review of National and International Housing Technology Research

Review of Structural Materials and Methods for Home Building in the United States: 1900 to 2000

The Role of Information Technology in Housing Design and Construction

U.S. Housing Market Conditions

Year 2000 Progress Assessment of the PATH Program

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