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October 20, 2004

Industry Representatives Explore Risk as a Barrier to Innovation

Roundtable to Provide Recommendations to HUD

A group of industry representatives convened in Washington, DC, today to examine issues related to risk as a barrier to technology innovation. The purpose of the two-day meeting is to develop a roadmap for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's PATH program with recommendations for HUD actions to reduce barriers to adoption of new technology. Participants included builders, architects, code officials, inspectors, manufacturers, insurers and other key members of the homebuilding industry.

During the first day, three product manufacturers presented examples of the process and timeframe for advancing a new technology into the market. They highlighted areas of risk that pose a barrier, including liability concerns, demand for skilled labor, lack of effective training and education, limited venture capital, code requirements, institutional inertia, and more. Possible solutions to risk barriers and recommendations for HUD will be developed during the second day of the meeting.

Content updated on 3/8/2005

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