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Codes and Regulations

Regulatory streamlining is one way to have a positive effect on housing through the identification, development, and promotion of administrative rules, regulations, and procedures in use by jurisdictions at all levels of government. Streamlining eliminates areas of existing regulatory overlap and duplication. In concept, the streamlined models will be promoted on a nationwide platform to encourage their use by other jurisdictions in need of streamlining.

E-permitting will become a cornerstone of the streamlining process. With computer technology and Internet prevalence, it is now possible to create a paperless e-permit process that can be instituted across jurisdictions. The envisioned system would allow builders to submit applications and plans electronically for concurrent reviews; submit revisions electronically; perform reviews on-line; track the results of reviews; and obtain review commentaries, and pay fees for various permits.

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Electronic Permitting Systems and How To Implement Them April 2002
This publication is designed to help America's communities understand the process of selecting and implementing an electronic permitting system. Benefiting from the experiences of others, communities can implement electronic permitting systems with better results and at lower cost.

Getting Building Technology Accepted: Developing and Deploying New Building Technologies November 2002
This report explains how regulatory activities affect new building technology research, development, and deployment, and how to apply regulatory information to develop and deploy building technologies.

Removing Building Regulatory Barriers
The National Research Council and the International Code Council, with support from and on behalf of PATH, conceived a one-day roundtable on barriers to acceptance and implementation of new technologies in housing due to regulatory processes and requirements.

Content updated on 9/1/2005

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