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Home Automation

After one has invested considerable time and resources in making a home fit personal needs and preferences, the home requires many systems to keep it running. A home automation system can bring these systems together, offering easy control over the entire living environment. Such systems can be custom designed to meet individual requirements. In times of unpredictable weather, the ability to control a home's heat by remote telephone can be comforting, while providing substantial savings. Automatic lighting control can provide safety and convenience. An alarm system can not only protect the home and its occupants from intruders, but can also save lives through fire protection and prevent damage through temperature monitoring and freeze protection. Programmable thermostats can save consumers 20 to 30 percent on heating and cooling bills. With such dramatic implications for enhanced home safety and affordability, home automation systems are a new housing technology that many may find worthy of consideration.


Electronic House Magazine
Features smart homes that can be controlled with one touch, offering homeowners more security and convenience.


Information-Age Wiring for Home Automation Systems
Describes how home automation systems can control a home's systems (e.g. sensors, wiring, appliances) from a single control center.
Largest supplier of home automation equipment.

Structured Wiring Systems
Describes the increasing popularity of structured wiring systems with the expansion of the Internet and home computing applications.

Home Automation and Networking Association
Trade association of the home control industry.

Content updated on 2/13/2003

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