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When purchasing appliances and decorating a home, owners are most likely to know exactly what they want. Choices might be esthetically pleasing, but the question remains whether they are energy efficient, practical to use, and will last over the years. Depending on their features and quality of manufacture, the gulf between prices for such items can be wide. One PATH partner, the ENERGY STAR program, is an excellent source to help consumers balance appliance features with budgetary concerns, continued use, and maintenance.

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Energy Efficient Rehab Advisor
This easy-to-use Web-based tool will help you integrate energy efficiency into your remodeling or rehab project. It provides recommended energy efficiency measures for most types of rehab projects, as well as the associated costs, energy savings and additional benefits of incorporating the measures.

The Rehab Guide Volume 6: Kitchens and Baths September 1999
The Rehab Guides are a series of nine guidebooks to inform the design and construction industry about state-of-the-art materials and innovative practices in housing rehabilitation. Volume 6 includes information on: cabinets; countertops; appliances; sinks and lavatories; tubs and showers; and toilets and bidets.

PATH Technology Inventory Spotlight

Bamboo Flooring

High-Efficiency Refrigerators
Exceeds Federal energy requirements and can save consumers substantial amounts of money.

Horizontal Axis (Front-Loading) Clothes Washers
Horizontal axis washing machines use significantly less water and energy to do the same job as agitating washing machines.

Low- or No-VOC Paints
Conventional paints contain high levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that produce a breathable gas when applied. Alternative manufacturing techniques have allowed the development of low-VOC paints that do not release significant pollutants and are virtually odor free.

Recycled Content Carpet

Content updated on 7/11/2006

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