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Energy Efficiency Web Resources

Alliance to Save Energy
Coalition to promote the efficient and clean use of energy worldwide.

American Solar Energy Society
Advances the use of solar energy for the benefit of U.S. citizens and the global environment.

Building America
Building America is a Department of Energy program dedicated to improving the energy-efficiency of new and existing homes. They have built more than 30,000 homes, and frequently publish practical lessons from their hands-on experience.
Information on innovation in advanced facades, heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems to support preliminary design of energy-efficient buildings. A worldwide consortium of professionals, universities, and research organizations support this effort and provide information for the site.

Building a Brighter Future
Builders in San Diego, California can participate in the High Efficiency Appliance And Lighting Program, and receive cash incentives to install and/or offer ENERGY STAR qualified appliance and lighting fixtures.

Building Momentum National Trends and Prospects for High-Performance Green Buildings
Report based on an April 2002 roundtable convened by the U.S. Senate Public Works and Environment Committee in conjunction with the U.S. Green Building Council. It highlights components of green building and outlines specific recommendations for broadening and expanding the movement including strengthening existing federal policies and programs.

Center for Resourceful Building Technology
Promotes environmentally responsible practices in construction.

Database of State Indoor Air Quality Laws
Includes a wide variety of state policies addressing indoor air quality generally, as well as laws that address specific topics such as mold or radon.

EEBA - Energy and Environmental Building Association
Discusses energy efficient building and sustainable construction practices.

Energy Efficient Windows
Information on the benefits of energy-efficient windows, descriptions of how they work, and recommendations for their selection and use.

The government-backed label for energy efficiency; find qualified products and services, locate rebates, learn about building performance standards.

Energy Videos from the California Energy Commission
How-to videos on a range of topics, from installing insulation to radiant barriers.

Environmental Building News
Newsletter about environmentally responsible design and construction.

Environmental Design & Construction
Bimonthly magazine covering the rapidly growing green building industry.

Electric Power Research Institute Journal
Knowledge, tools, and expertise to help build competitive advantage, address environmental challenges, and meet the needs of energy customers.

Green Building Conference
Focusing on the cutting edge of innovative building technologies and the direction that green building is heading.

Green Building Guidelines: Meeting the Demand for Low-Energy, Resource-Efficient Homes
Produced by the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council, this handbook is designed for home builders and homebuyers just starting to learn about the elements of high-performance home design. It provides hundreds of tips, references, and contacts in an easy-to-read format. The one-day or half-day Green Building Guidelines workshops address site-and climate-specific matters, and typically include local case studies. NAHB members can order at a discount from

Health House Program from the American Lung Association
National education program created by the American Lung Association of Minnesota to raise the standards for better indoor environments.

Home Energy Magazine
Reports on the latest energy-efficient technologies for the home.

Home Energy Savers
Consumer information from the Department of Energy for reducing energy use and saving money.

Homes Across America
This Web site features resource efficient homes throughout the United States. It offers a database of contacts, listed by state, which can supply technical assistance on resource efficient building.

Housing Zone
Web site for Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler magazines.

NAHB Research Center Green Building Program
Leader in resource conservation and green building research for remodeling and new construction.

National Center for Appropriate Technology
Provides information on economic and environmental housing.

The Renewable Energy Policy Project and Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies provides information, data, software, online calculators, policy papers and other tools to advance the integration of renewable technologies.

Smart Communities Network - Financing Sustainable Development
Introduction to financial resources and implementation strategies.

Solar Today
Bimonthly magazine that covers all solar technologies, from photovoltaics to climate-responsive buildings to wind power.

Sustainable Building Sourcebook
Developed to foster the implementation of environmentally responsible practices in homebuilding.

The Costs and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings
This October 2003 report developed for the Sustainable Building Task Force confirms that minimal increases in upfront costs of about 2% to support green design would, on average, result in life cycle savings of 20% of total construction costs -- more than ten times the initial investment.

ToolBase News
Bimonthly technical newsletter that provides practical, usable information for building professionals on the latest research, trends, and other industry happenings.

Urban Land Institute (ULI)
Facilitates public and political debate on urban issues, offers publications, journals, reports and databases.

US Department of Energy

U.S. Green Building Council
Coalition of leaders from across the building industry working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work.

Content updated on 12/6/2006

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