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From the PATH Press

Removing Building Regulatory Barriers: Roundtable Report
Experts in the building regulatory process and technology deployment issues met late last year to identify and clarify barriers and opportunities associated with the building regulatory process and to provide suggestions to stimulate innovation. This report provides information on the planning, execution, and outcome of the roundtable. Read this and other roundtable reports on PATHnet.

Report from the NSF-PATH Research Agenda Workshop Points the Way for New Research
Throughout 2003, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and PATH worked together to define a national housing research agenda for the NSF-PATH program. Participants concluded this effort at a three-day workshop from February 12-14, 2004, at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. The workshop focused on the "state of the art" in current research and future research directions for PATH. Read about the findings in the final report, NSF-PATH Research Agenda Workshop (June 2004).

Finding New Ideas for Housing through Technology Scanning
Through technology scanning, PATH identifies technology developments in other industries and from other nations, Federal laboratories, and building sectors. PATH then looks for the breakthroughs that could be transferred and applied to housing. Issue three of Technology Scanning: Finding New Ideas for Housing (May 2004) covers topics from basic materials to information technology to indoor environmental quality.

New Articles
Read about PATH! Visit PATH Writes for new links to articles on insulation, the appraisal process, affordability, and more.

Content updated on 9/19/2005

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