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The Top Five Do-it-Now

Quality and Durability

Quality and Durability are aspects of a home that matters most to families.New Construction

1. Check and review your local building codes and regulations. Avoid errors of omissions by obtaining specifications that clearly define expected results for the new house.

2. Produce a "smart design" that includes innovative code-approved technologies and practices to improve client's chances of having a healthy, strong home. Browse PATH-profiled technologies.

3. Eliminate mold and moisture before it can start in the home. PATH gives tips in the Mold Resistance Home Guide.

4. Use diagnostic tools to evaluate the condition of the home. Blower Door tests and Electric Moisture Meters are examples of tools that measure home performance and can help you assure good indoor air quality in the home.

5. Look through PATH's Tech Sets for other ideas on how to build a durable and quality home that your clients can live in for generations.


1. Use diagnostic tools to measure the levels of quality in the home. Then, with your client, choose the best upgrade plan for their home to be durable and healthy.

2. Use PATH's HVAC Tech Set to give homeowners indoor air quality and comfort. It recommends 11 standard measures builders and remodelers can use when designing and installing HVAC.

3. The Durability Doctor can help assure your decisions on other innovative technologies for your client's exisiting home.

4. If mold is present, eliminate it. Help your clients to prevent it from coming back with these tips.

5. When remodeling, look for ways to improve your client's insulation levels and consider other energy efficiency upgrades for their home.

Content updated on 11/5/2007

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