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Energy Efficiency

"Solar always pays a tax-free dividend... doesn't go down like the stock market."
-- Orlo Stitt, Stitt Energy Systems, Inc.

More case studies and builder stories on innovative energy efficient projects.

Want to get serious about energy efficiency?

Here are five things you can do right now to enhance the value of your homes or your remodeling services.

PATH Resources

The Energy Efficient Rehab Advisor will help you integrate energy efficiency into your remodeling or rehab project.

Tech Sets: Energy-Efficient HVAC, Energy-Efficient Lighting, Sun in the 21st Century will show you how to bundle products for added value

Energy Efficiency Tips

Learn how to make your home more comfortable while lowering energy bills with these simple tips.

Feature Technology

Savvy builders and remodelers heat it up with Dry Radiant Heating.

An energy efficient home can reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 50% or more

Sell it!

Show your customers the value of energy efficiency.

The affordability calculator can help your customers understand how energy efficiency pays off.

Rebates and Tax Credits

What you and your customers should know
about tax credits for energy efficiency.

ENERGY STAR on the tax credits.

On the Tech Inventory

See the list of PATH-profiled technologies noted for their improvements to a home's energy efficiency.

PATH on Record

See these recent articles and publications from PATH addressing improved affordability.

Content updated on 12/6/2006

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