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Build to Improve Storm-Resistance

Hurricane season arrives and homeowners brace for the worst. Will your homes escape with only minor damage? You can increase those odds with these guidelines, developed from years of PATH studies on the effects of hurricanes on homes.

[IMAGE: Florida home built with PATH technology -- before the hurricane.] [IMAGE: After the hurricane -- the home only lost a gutter and surrounding landscaping.] For example, PATH technology helped some homes in Port Charlotte, Florida, stand up to Hurricane Charley in 2004. The home pictured left was built with fiber-cement SIPs and suffered damage to one gutter, while other homes in the neighborhood were leveled.

Interested in strengthening a home against future hurricane damage? PATH recommends ways to repair and protect homes.


Building a new home? Consumers should consider these steps.

Industry professionals should consider the following guidance.

Building Materials: Construction materials should be resistant to damage from bulk water intrusion including floods and major rain events. Preferred building material attributes for flood-prone regions include:

Building Design: Homes located in flood-prone areas should be designed with all living spaces located above the designated flood-plain elevation

Planning: Where practical, higher density planning should be employed to concentrate housing is less flood-prone areas.


PATH has evaluated homes hit by hurricanes, and has uncovered some surprising results:

Strategies to Limit Wind-Driven Water Intrusion

These recommendations were published in the July 2005 issus of Professional Builder, Building for Survival in Hurricane Country.

Strategies to Improve Wind Resistance

These recommendations are based on Building for Survival in Hurricane Country, the PATH report Durability by Design, and lessons from a PATH site demonstration in Melbourne, Florida. In the Florida demonstration, a PATH team examined how to exploit the strength of poured concrete walls to enable homes to weather a major storm.


Learn what PATH technologies can help you speed up the rebuilding process.

Cleaning up water damage? Read PATH recommendations for flood recovery.

PATH recommends ways to repair and protect an existing home.

Remodeling? Use the Rehab Advisor to learn how to save money on utility bills.

Content updated on 5/21/2007

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