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Quality and Durability

"If builders spend a little time to get educated

...they will build safer, better houses that their customers will be happy with -- and they will get more contracts."
Scott Redmond, President of Clever Homes

Want to get serious about durability and quality?

Here are five things you can do right now to enhance the value of your homes and remodeling services. And here are five more that can help you sell.

Policy Development & Research

Assessing Housing Durability: Pilot Study

Building Moisture and Durability

Durability by Design

Moisture-Resistant Guide

On the Tech Inventory

See the list of PATH-profiled technologies noted for their value.

Durability and Quality produce happy homes.

Sell it!

Durability isn't always what they think it is. Show them the value in quality building.

The Durability Doctor can help builders and their customers choose which building materials are best for a durable home.

Rebates and Tax Credits

What you and your customers should know
about tax credits

ENERGY STAR on the tax credits

PATH on Record

See these recent articles and publications from PATH addressing improved quality and durability.

Content updated on 11/5/2007

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