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"Housing is the only industry... insist that innovation requires increased costs."
Measuring and Assessing the Consequences of Technology and Innovation for Housing Affordability: Proceedings of the NIST-PATH Workshop

Want to get serious about affordability?

Here are five things you can do right now to enhance the value of your homes and remodeling services. And here are five more that can help ease customers' sticker shock.

Policy Development & Research

Measuring the impact of technology and innovation on affordability

Technology Roadmapping for Manufactured Housing and Advanced Panelized Construction

The MADE Project

Removing Regulatory Barriers Roundtable

Building Better Homes at Lower Costs

Feature Technology

Savvy builders and remodelers stick with Masonry and Concrete Adhesives.

On the Tech Inventory

See the list of PATH-profiled technologies noted for their value.

How much house?

Affordably Green

Many approaches to green building and remodeling not only save energy and water, they save money.

Sell it!

Affordability isn't what they think it is. Show them the value in quality building.

The affordability calculator can help your customers understand how quality pays off.

Rebates and Tax Credits

What you and your customers should know
about tax credits

ENERGY STAR on the tax credits

PATH on Record

See these recent articles and publications from PATH addressing improved affordability.

Content updated on 8/3/2007

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