PATH - A Public Private Partnership for Advancing Housing Technology

The NSF - PATH Housing Research Agenda Workshop

February 12-14, 2004


Funded jointly by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and PATH, the workshop helped advance PATH's ongoing mission to improve the affordability and value of America's homes through technology.

PATH's partnership with NSF has raised housing research to a new level and has attracted attention and resources to this much-needed work. These workshop results will help shape PATH's direction for future research.

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Table of Contents and Preface

Report Summary

Focus Area 1
Defining a National Housing Research Agenda: Construction Management and Production - Michael A. Mullens, Makarand Hastak, and Other Contributors

Focus Area 2
Structural Design and Materials: Research Needed to Reinvent Housing in the United States - Steven M. Cramer

Focus Area 3
Building Enclosures: A Strategy for NSF Support - Eric F.P. Burnett

Focus Area 4
Housing Technology, Community and the Economy - C. Theodore Koebel

Focus Area 5
Building the 'Whole House' Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: The Whole House and Systems Integration Focus Area Summary - Michael O'Brien and Carlos Martín

Author Index

Table of Content and Preface

Construction Management and Production - Position Papers

Production Flow and Shop Floor Control: Structuring the Modular Factory for Custom Homebuilding - Michael A. Mullens

Building Process Optimization with Supply Chain Management in the Manufactured Housing Industry - Makarand Hastak and Matt Syal

Skill-driven Optimization of the Housing Industry - Avi Wiezel

The On-Site Housing Factory: Quantifying its Characteristics - Howard H. Bashford

The Leadership/Management Growth Model: A Dynamic Framework for Understanding Construction Management and Production in the Homebuilding Industry - Jack H. Willenbrock

Waste Management at the Construction Site - Joseph Laquatra

Web-Based Synchronous Communication in Construction: Breaking Out of the Zero Sum Game - Leonhard E. Bernold

An Open Building Strategy for Balancing Production Efficiency and Consumer Choice in Housing - Stephen Kendall

Lean Production Paradigms in the Housing Industry - Tariq Abdelhamid

Structural Design and Materials - Position Papers

Fire Reistant Design in Housing: Status and Opportunities - Steven M. Cramer and Robert H. White

Use of Innovative Connectors and New Combinations of Materials To Address Weaknesses in Light-Frame Construction - J. Daniel Dolan, Don Ohanehi, and David Dillard

Supplemental Damping in Woodframe Structures - David W. Dinehart

Fiber-Cement Composites for Housing Construction: State-of-the-Art Review - B.J. Mohr, N.H. El-Ashkar, K.E. Kurtis

Biobased Structural Composite Materials for Housing and Infrastructure Applications: Opportunities and Challenges - L.T. Drzal., A.K. Mohanty, R. Burgeuño, and M. Misra

Application of Traditional Materials in Non-Traditional Ways for Improved Housing Construction- Mervyn J. Kowalsky and Gavin D. Wight

Moment Resistant Connections in Prefrabricated Woodframe Construction - Robert N. Emerson

FRP-Reinforced Oriented Strand Board Panels in Wood-Framed Shear Wall Construction - William G. Davids, Habib J. Dagher, Eric D. Cassidy, Keith Martin, and Douglas Gardner

Building Enclosures, Energy and IAQ - Position Papers

Ventilation Drying in Enclosure Wall Systems - Eric Burnett

Structural Insulation Panels: Sustainable Design Incorporating Impact and Indoor Air Quality - J.C. Little and A.T. Hodgson

Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building Enclosures Using Bio-based Materials - K. Chandrashekhara

Hygrothermal Performance of Basement Foundation Systems - Patrick H. Huelman and Marilou Cheple

Perservative-treated Structural Wood Composites For Durable Home Construction - Qinglin Wu

Opportunities for Improving Overall Building Performance through the Selection of Natural Hazard Resistant Attributes for Building Enclosure Materials - Rosemarie Geier Grant

Alleviating Moisture Problems Hot, Humid Climate Housing - Subrato Chandra, Neil Moyer, Danny Parker, David Beal, Dave Chasar, Janet McIlvaine, and Eric Martin

Extruded Fiber-Reinforced Composites for Building Enclosures - Katherine G. Kuder, Bin Mu, Michele F. Cyr, and Surendra P. Shah

Housing Technology, Community and Economy - Position Papers

Residential Construction Diffusion Research for the NSF-PATH Program - C. Theodore Koebel

Arizona Partnership for Housing Innovation - Anil Sawhney

Consumer Acceptance of Universal Design: A Review and Suggestions for Future Research - Anne L. Sweaney, Teresa L. Nunn, and Stephanie E. Vanderford

Retrofit, Rehab, and Maintenance- David Listokin

Improved New Concept Screening as a Means to Accelerate Construction Technology Diffusion, for the NSF-PATH Program - Ed Hudson

Promoting Best Design and Product Selection Practices in Florida's Residential Construction Industry - Pierce Jones

What are the Potential Effects of Technology in Affordable Housing Construction on the Development of Social Capital By Community-based Development Organizations - Rex L. LaMore

The Built Environment and Public Health - R.D. von Bernuth

Healthy Homes Research Agenda - James Bohland and Ted Koebel

Health and the Built Environment: Drawing Parallels and Inspiration from the New Integrative Medical Model - Joanne M. Westphal

Systems Interactions and Whole House Approach- Position Papers

A Preliminary Method for Evaluating Physical Design Characteristics and Whole House Performance Scoring - Michael O'Brien and Ron Wakefield

Automated Construction by Contour Crafting- Behrokh Khoshnevis

A Building Moisture Load Theory for Improvement of Whole House Durability - Charles W. Graham

Advancing Housing Technology: A Path Rooted In Economic and Environmental Concerns - Steven Van Dessel and Achille Messac

Bio-Based Composite Materials for Whole House Design: Potential Applications and Research Needs - Harry W. Shenton III and Richard P. Wool

Whole House Production: Integration of Factory-built and Site-built Construction - Matt Syal and Makarand Hastak

Whole House Design Through the Application of Multi-functional Precast Panels - Michael W. Ellis and Yvan J. Beliveau

Industrializing Processes for Affordable Disaster Proof Housing- Yvan J. Beliveau

Author Index

Workshop Participants

The three-day workshop was a gathering of NSF-PATH Award program recipients. Participants in the workshop included prominent university researchers from across the nation including: Arizona State University, Ball State University, Cornell University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Louisiana State University, Michigan State University, North Carolina State University, Northwestern University, Oklahoma State University, Penn State University, Purdue University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rutgers University, Texas A&M University, University of Central Florida, University of Delaware, University of Florida, University of Georgia, University of Maine, University of Minnesota, University of Missouri-Rolla, University of Southern California, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Villanova University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Washington State University. Researchers from State Farm Insurance Companies and the National Association of Home Builders Research Center also participated in the workshop.

About NSF:
The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent federal agency that supports fundamental research and education across all fields of science and engineering, with an annual budget of nearly $5.58 billion. NSF funds reach all 50 states through grants to nearly 2,000 universities and institutions. Each year, NSF receives about 40,000 competitive requests for funding, and makes about 11,000 new funding awards. The NSF also awards over $200 million in professional and service contracts yearly.

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