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Construction Guide, American Southwest

The Office of Policy Development and Research's recent book on construction aims to help people attain more affordable housing using advanced building technology and techniques in the rural Southwest. A Community Guide to Basic and Cost-Saving Construction in the American Southwest (January 2004) leads readers through developing affordable housing by highlighting cost-saving technologies and construction strategies. The book also presents case studies of three affordable housing projects by local non-profit developers who are successfully producing low-cost housing in some the region's poorest communities. These developers have used some of the technologies, products, and strategies promoted by PATH. With text in both English and Spanish, this guide should appeal to regional non-profit developers and homeowners. Learn more at HUD User.

Steel Framing Development: Final Report

Steel Framing Prototype Development: Final Report (December 2003) discusses the potential of using steel framing in factory-built homes that conform to the HUD code or the International Residential Code (IRC). The report examines in depth the commercial viability of light-gauge steel-frame designs through a case study approach conducted in cooperation with industry partners. Read this PATH publication at HUD User.

Content updated on 10/5/2004

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