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PATH Unveils First Concept Home

If we were to imagine the future, what would it be? The PATH Concept Home, an architectural model of a high-quality, affordable home with a custom-built look, debuted at Union Station in Washington, D.C. on June 23. The home was developed by PATH and designed with the assistance of Torti Gallas and Partners, an architectural firm and leader in modern urban planning.

Reception attendees take a closer look at the Concept Home modelIn this home of the future, moveable walls fit changing lifestyles. Utilities and interior walls are structured to accommodate changes in technology. Components come in standard sizes, allowing easy assembly on the job site and reduced building waste. More on the Concept Home unveiling.

New on PATHnet

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"What about us?" We heard you! We've updated our partner categories to better serve remodelers, design professionals, affordable housing providers, realtors, appraisers and homeowners. It's a start -- but there's always more to do. Please contact PATH with your suggestions for improving the site.

Content updated on 10/5/2004

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