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PATH Researcher Partners conduct research on advanced housing technologies that support PATH strategic goals in the areas of affordability, durability, disaster resistance, safety, quality, and energy efficiency and environmental impact. For a complete list of PATH technologies and techniques, visit the PATH Technology Inventory. Learn more about PATH's Tech Sets and Top 10 Technologies.

Find out how to become a PATH Researcher Partner.

Arizona State University:
Housing Research Institute

Clemson University:
Civil Engineering Program

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Michigan State University:
Construction Management Program

Michigan State University:
Housing Education and Research Center

Nevada Realty Group LLC

Penn State University:
Pennsylvania Housing Research Center

Purdue University

University of Central Florida

University of Missouri-Rolla

University of Southern California

Villanova University

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University:
Virginia Center for Housing Research

To find out how to become a PATH Researcher Partner, click here.

Content updated on 4/27/2006

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