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Green Building

The following resources can help you ensure your new home will be a healthy one, for you and for the earth.

The US Green Building Council provides rating system guidelines under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)program.

For more on energy efficiency, see the full list of PATH resources for homeowners.

The Energy and Environmental Building Association works with architects, builders, developers, manufacturers, engineers, code officials, researchers and educators to promote awareness of environmentally responsible buildings.

The Department of Energy's Smart Communities Network provides information on energy smart communities and how you can be a part of one.

Get reports, research and policy information and technical materials from the Natural Resource Defense Council.

To learn about composting and other tips on backyard conservation, visit the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Building Green has numerous useful resources, including the GreenSpec Directory that includes information on how to find almost 2,000 green building products.

NAHB Research Center's green building information includes the September 2000, Green Building Resource Directory.

Learn about PATH's Top Ten Technologies of 2004.

The Top Ten are quickly gaining importance as builders experience the benefits of using these advanced technologies. Ask for them!

Content updated on 4/7/2006

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