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For Industry Leaders Only. . . Are You Ready to Innovate?

PATH Manufacturer Partners are industry innovators dedicated to improving the nation's housing. They produce at least one technology listed on the Technology Inventory. Please refer to the Technology Inventory at to verify that your company is listed as a manufacturer of a PATH-profiled technology before applying to become a PATH Partner.

As a PATH Partner, you can receive national exposure, enjoy commercialization review, discover new avenues for sales leads--and reap the rewards of innovation.

And that's just the beginning. . . Structural Inslated Panels (SIPS)

  • Be eligible for commercialization review of emerging technologies;
  • Expand your online reach through PATHnet and ToolBase listings that put your entire distribution network in builders' hands;
  • Highlight your eligible product(s) through PATH's traveling technology exhibit;
  • Benefit from co-marketing with PATH--your logo on literature that highlights the role of PATH Partners in creating better housing;
  • Access tips for promoting advanced technologies to builders and consumers;
  • Receive PATH Quarterly and ToolBase E-newsletters providing technology news;
  • Talk to us about PATH's Speaker Bureau and the opportunity to be listed as a contact for the media.
  • Receive priority for sponsorship of special events and exhibits;

Manufactured Housing Test Site

You may also:

  • Participate in cooperative research activities;
  • Experience the benefits of PATH's media outreach efforts promoting your participation in a field evaluation, if applicable;
  • Be given publicity exposure at PATH's Press Events for your involvement in demonstration home projects, if applicable;
  • Have the opportunity to be featured in a PATH Success Story, with potential to be published in a major industry magazine or on PATHnet.

As a PATH Manufacturer Partner, you will agree to do the following:

  • Continue manufacturing and promoting PATH Technology;
  • Commit to ongoing product innovation in the areas of affordability, durability, disaster resistance, energy efficiency and environmental impact, safety and quality;
  • Share non-propriety research with PATH as appropriate;
  • Agree to be contacted for follow up regarding the use of PATH technologies and concepts;
  • Provide a link to PATHnet on your Web site;
  • Participate in co-marketing efforts, as appropriate;
  • Use the PATH Partner logo in marketing efforts, following logo use guidelines.
  • Submit new technologies to PATH's Technology Inventory;

To become a PATH Manufacturer Partner download the application form here.

Content updated on 1/9/2007

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