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[IMAGE: Concept Home]

Track progress at the Concept Home ~ Read the blog ~ Download the plans [IMAGE: The finished Concept Home.]

The Concept Home Experience!

It's the next best thing to being there. Join us on an online virtual tour and video voyage of the PATH Concept Home. Learn about the efficient, sustainable, and flexible elements that make it the home of the future, today.

Product Tour
Learn about the innovative systems in and design of the Concept Home from our series of interviews and videos.

[IMAGE: This rendering and others like it, by Chief Architect, guide visitors through a very interactive online tour of the Concept Home.]

Online Virtual Tour
Our online virtual tour describes all of the PATH-profiled technologies in the home and where they appear: basement, main level, or second floor.

Click here to experience the Concept Home online tour!

Factory-Framed Floors Video
The PATH Concept Home's focus on construction efficiency includes innovative systems such as: panelized ICFs, pre-built window trim and factory built walls and floors. Fine Homebuilding's August/September issues features the Concept Home's factory built floors. Check out their webpage to watch a video of the floors being made and installed.

[IMAGE: Fernando Pages Ruiz, PATH Concept Home builder and president of Brighton Construction]

Video Voyage
Tune in as PATH Concept Home builder Fernando Pages Ruiz of Brighton Construction guides you through an informative onsite tour of the home in this four part series. Part 1 is an overview, followed by an in-depth look at efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability. Watch and learn!

Part I: Overview

Part II: Efficiency

Part III: Flexibility

Part IV: Sustainability

V-Day: June 6, 2007

June 6 was a momentous day for PATH and the many Partners that made the Concept Home possible. On this day, we met in sunny Omaha, Nebraska, to tour the home, cut a ribbon, shake hands, and celebrate the completion of one of the most unique homes in America. Many, many thanks to the manufacturers who donated materials; and to builder Fernando Pages Ruiz and his crew, who day in, day out, lived and breathed the construction of this remarkable home.

Read on to experience Concept Home Omaha for yourself, and check back often for updates on our next home: Concept Home Charleston (South Carolina)!

Up Close and Personal

[IMAGE: Exterior of Concept Home. Photo by Mike Blanford.] Building any house requires compromise. PATH representative Mike Blanford gives his insight into some of the back-and-forth between the builder and the architect.

"I recently visited the Concept Home Omaha site to participate in a round of video shooting. It was my first visit to the site since the ground breaking. I had two thoughts as I turned onto the block with the house: 'It's smaller than I thought it would be' and 'the red siding makes a bold statement.' "

"During the design phase of the project there was a lot of back and forth over the size of the home. Fernando, being an affordable housing builder, wanted to make sure the final size of the home was relatively modest. The final size, ~2100 square feet, represented something of a compromise between Fernando and the architect, who favored a larger home. Still, this was a bit big for me, and I was worried that the Concept Home would dwarf other houses in the North Omaha neighborhood. I was happy to see that it was close to the size of the newer homes nearby."

"The trim, too, was a bit of a compromise. We wanted plastic, which is more durable; the architect wanted wood. Oh well. You can't win 'em all. Early renderings of the house showed blue siding and white trim. The builder decided to go with a bold red siding and white trim instead. I'm glad he did. After all, the Concept Home is a bold statement in building."

Other updates include...

Firm Foundation

The Concept Home's foundation features ICFs, a waterproof membrane, and a window well egress system.

Floors in an hour. Walls in a day.

Prefabricated floor systems and wall panels made it possible to build the envelope in a few days, rather than a few weeks.

We've got it covered

Besides being durable and long-lasting, the metal roof was pre-painted with UV reflective paint to help prevent energy loss.

Roughed-In and Ready (to Finish)

The Concept Home's right-sized heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system provides just the right amount of heating and cooling.

What's Behind Wall #1?

Less than you would think. Pre-assembled parts and centralized systems save on materials cost and speed installation.

One-of-a-Kind Plumbing

The Concept Home's state-of-the-art plumbing system features home run plumbing and a plumbing manifold, PEX piping, a tankless water heater, quick-connect fittings, and a greywater reuse system.

Content updated on 7/20/2007

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