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HUD Publications

Fair Housing Act Design Manual Revised April 1998
This manual provides guidance in designing and constructing housing that complies with the Fair Housing Act.

Barriers to Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing: Volume 1 - Findings and Analysis, Volume 2 - Case Studies May 2001
This study, conducted by HUD and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, examines the major barriers to urban rehabilitation. Volume I provides the context of the study, as well as a synthesis of finding and technical analysis; Volume II presents the case studies in detail.

Residential Rehabilitation Inspection Guide February 2000
This guide provides step-by-step technical information for evaluating a residential building's site, exterior, interior, and structural, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

Southwest Housing Traditions: Design, Materials, Performance May 2005
This book is intended as a guide for the non-profit developer and its design team in applying the relevant lessons of traditional architecture to the design of new affordable housing. It should make more widely known the principles of energy efficiency, durability and low life-cycle costs, as well as cultural appropriateness, found in the traditional housing of the southwestern borderlands.

Community Guide to Basic and Cost-Saving Construction in the American Southwest January 2004
This book is written for non-profit housing developers, local housing advocates, self-help homeowners, and community groups that provide housing in the rural Southwest, and is intended to showcase the cost benefits of energy-efficient home construction and rehabilitation.

"ResearchWorks" is intended to bridge the gap between the research and practitioner communities, bringing together news of the latest research, the practical application of good ideas, and the recognition of those who make a difference in the field of housing and community development.

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