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Welcome, Remodelers

Remodelers are very important members of the PATH technology chain as they make decisions about how to build and what materials to use. Working with the NAHB Research Center and other homebuilding groups, PATH provides tools and publications that remodelers and builders can use if they have questions about existing or developing technologies.

Find out how PATH technologies benefit fire reconstruction efforts in California by reducing the time it will take to redevelop and rebuild, reducing the cost of rebuilding and increasing the fire resistance of the home or development.

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PATH Tools for Remodelers

View short videos to learn about the newest advances in homebuilding: high performance homes, whole house design and plumbing innovations.

Energy Efficient Rehab Advisor
This easy-to-use Web-based tool will help you integrate energy efficiency into your remodeling or rehab project. It provides recommended energy efficiency measures for most types of rehab projects, as well as the associated costs, energy savings and additional benefits of incorporating the measures.

Tech Sets
PATH's Tech Sets are a new resource, released quarterly, that provides builders direction in selecting innovative technologies and implementing them in a systems approach - which allows you to maximize the new technologies' benefits.

PATH Top 10 Technologies
The Top 10 Technologies are practical, easy-to-use building technologies that are on the edge of industry acceptance and are quickly gaining importance as builders experience the benefits of using these advanced innovations.

Technology Inventory
Source of information on technological innovations in the housing industry.

Technical information resource, a service of the NAHB Research Center, funded by private industry and HUD through PATH.

Tech Practices
Learn how builders and remodelers across the nation have integrated proven technologies into their construction practices. Tech Practices highlight the use of PATH technologies in a variety of projects, including PATH Field Evaluations and independent builder projects.

Integrating Panels into the Production Homebuilding Process September 2005
How do builders decide whether to use panelized house systems? What factors come into play when a builder is contemplating making a move to panelized construction? And for what reasons would builders who are inclined to try a new building technology choose not to use panelized construction? These are some of the questions asked in this study conducted for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's PATH (Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing) program in an effort to understand how builders decide to use panel systems

Organizing Residential Utilities: A New Approach to Housing Quality November 2004
Utilities are run almost haphazardly through the walls of stick-built homes, sometimes compromising structure and insulating integrity, and always making repair and modification difficult. In the future, utilities will become more complicated as homes become centers of work, learning, communication, entertainment, preventative health care, and distributed energy production. This report outlines methods of disentangling utilities, with the goal of increasing the functionality of housing, while reducing its cost.

PATH Technologies that Benefit Fire Reconstruction Efforts in California
Technologies to increase the fire resistance of the home or development, reduce the time it will take to redevelop and rebuild, reduce the cost of rebuilding. Some of these technologies even increase earthquake resistance.

NEST: National Economic Service-life Tools
NEST is a set of tools and resources designed to help homeowners choose the right amount of durability for their homes. By examining factors such as the structure, location, materials, and age of a house, NEST can find the durable materials that will help to maintain a home at the lowest cost.

Quality Resources from NAHB RC

Quality Programs for Builders
Resources for builders on quality building.

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