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PATH's primary link to academic research is through the National Science Foundation (NSF). NSF-PATH Program Awards provide funding to spur innovative background research, a key component to technology development. Background research includes conducting technical investigations and creating new areas of knowledge or actual products, including innovation in housing materials, systems, construction processes, and management techniques.

Support for developing new housing related materials and processes has historically been lower than in other industrial and scientific pursuits. This lack of development in background research on homebuilding has placed a burden on product manufacturers to conduct research for which they have no resources. The shortage of funds for background research also has diminished the academic research community's interest in housing technology issues. The NSF-PATH Awards address the lack of background research in housing.

Through the NSF-PATH Award program, academic researchers can apply for research grants in a variety of housing technology areas. First given in 2000, the awards have not only led to interesting developments on a variety of technological fronts, but have brought increased attention to housing within the broader university research community.

NSF Housing Research Agenda Workshop
The NSF-PATH Housing Research Agenda Workshop was held February 12-14, 2004, in Orlando, Florida. The three-day workshop brought together award recipients to discuss research results and help set the future housing research agenda. Read the press release.

About NSF

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is the central source for scientific and engineering investigation resources in the country. It is an independent government agency responsible for promoting science and engineering. NSF programs invest over $3.3 billion in 20,000 research and education projects in science and engineering. The mission of NSF is to promote the progress of science; to advance national health, prosperity, and welfare; and to secure national defense. NSF seeks to promote partnerships with the academic and research communities, industry, elementary and secondary schools, other Federal agencies, state and local governments, and comparable organizations. NSF's approach to partnerships emphasizes shared investments, shared risks, and shared benefits.

The partnership between HUD and NSF's Division of Civil and Mechanical Systems enables PATH to mobilize the Nation's building and engineering research community to advance PATH goals. Using PATH's vision for housing related issues and the PATH Technology Roadmap for specific technology areas, NSF conducts outreach to potential research partners, develops and implements the solicitation and selection plans, and provides oversight and guidance to the selected research effort using its well-established research award protocol.

To learn more, visit the National Science Foundation (NSF) Web site or the NSF's Division of Civil and Mechanical Systems Web site.

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