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The following videos are designed to help builders and homeowners understand the benefits of high performance homes. Each video is 3-5 minutes in length. You will learn the advantages of building for performance, the key to building a better home and how to save costs with a home run plumbing system.

Note: the high bandwidth videos are for use with cable modems and DSL connections. The low bandwidth videos should be used with slower modems and dial-up connections.

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Water Distribution: The Flow of Innovation

Learn about the newest advancements in plumbing, which provide clear benefits to both the homeowner and the builder.

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Selling Affordable, High Permormance Homes
Gain satisfied customers, faster sales, fewer callbacks and a higher profit margin by building for performance.

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A Systems Approach to Building
The key to building a better home is looking at the house as an integrated system rather than a collection of products and parts.

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Content updated on 9/28/2005

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