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Winter 2004

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From the PATH Press

Energy Efficiency Finds Home on the Web

Log on to the Energy Efficient Rehab Advisor's official Web site for help with rehabilitation and renovation projects. Launched in December, this Web-based tool is an updated version of the 1996 HUD's Policy Development and Research (PD&R) publications: "Guidebook for Optimizing Utility Consumption in Existing One-to-Four Family Dwellings" and "Guidebook for Optimizing Utility Consumption in Existing Multifamily Dwellings".

Today, these useful guidelines are available with the simple click of a mouse. Using ENERGY STAR ® specifications, visitors will be able to build profiles using detailed characteristics such as: building type, role in the rehab process, climate, and building age. After clicking on submit, a list of recommended projects, average costs, savings, and payback for energy-saving measures appear. Visitors may also benefit from clicking on the Rehab calculator for additional energy-saving upgrades. The Rehab Advisor has an assortment of resources to help with projects underway or plans for the future.

HUD Tackles Manufactured Housing Issues
In November, HUD released "A Review of Manufactured Housing Installation Standards and Instructions" in order to address the many issues involved with installing manufactured houses as set by the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000. It also identifies issues that are not covered by the National Fire Protection Association Standard 225, "Model Manufactured Home Installation Standard." The new document examines issues that can be used by all relevant parties in their discussions regarding needed elements for the development of comprehensive installation standards and manufacturers' installation instructions.

Content updated on 1/15/2004

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