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The Rehab Guide Volume 7: Electrical/Electronics

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April 2001, 58 pages

The Rehab Guides are a series of nine guidebooks to inform the design and construction industry about state-of-the-art materials and innovative practices in housing rehabilitation. The Rehab Guide series focuses on building technologies, materials, components, and techniques rather than projects such as adding a new room. Each volume covers a distinct element of housing rehabilitation and features breakthrough materials, labor-saving tools, and cost-cutting practices.

This volume, Electrical/Electronics, provides an overview and a reference resource for information about electrical/electric systems, subsystems, and materials; a review of current theory in terms of performance of these systems; a discussion of new materials, techniques, or components that have recently been improved or that represent totally new product lines; and state-of-the-art practice and new standards in cabling for telephones, television, and computers.

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Content updated on 3/24/2006

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