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Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting accounts for about 12% of residential energy expenditures. Choosing ENERGY STAR qualified lighting options offers significant savings. These products are available for different functions throughout your home.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting

Assorted CFLsCompact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs use 75% less energy and last up to ten times as long as incandescent bulbs. You can get the same bright, warm light out of compact fluorescents as standard incandescent light bulbs while saving energy and money. CFLs reduce the heat given off by the light and will last much longer than standard incandescent light bulbs. CFLs have made great progress since they were first introduced, taking advantage of both the efficiency of fluorescent light bulbs and the convenience of incandescent fixtures.

Spiral compact fluorescent lightbulbCompact fluorescent bulbs fit in the same lamps as standard light bulbs so there is no need to replace all of the lamps in your home. There are no specal precautions to take when installing compact fluorescent light bulbs. They screw into an ordinary lamp just as standad incandescent light bulbs do.

ENERGY STAR qualified CFLS are available in a variery of wattages, shapes, and sizes and fit in to almost any fixture. You do not need as high of a wattage for CFLs as you would using incandescent light bulbs. A standard 60 Watt bulb may be replaced by a 20 Watt CFL and a 100 Watt bulb may be replaced by a 32 watt CFL. Additional information on the energy benefits, where to find CFLs, available rebates, and more are available on the ENERGY STAR site.

Lighting Fixtures

TorchiereENERGY STAR qualified light fixtures include hard wired models such as ceiling and outdoor fixtures and portable models including desk lamps and torchieres. Light fixtures are available with advanced energy saving features such as dimming switches, motion sensors and automatic daylight shut off capabilities.

Outdoor FixtureENERGY STAR qualified light fixtures are installed the same way a conventional light fixture would be installed. There are no particular precautions that need to be taken. Manufacturer's instructions should be followed and will be included in the package. ENERGY STAR lighting fixtures come with a 2 year guarantee. Be sure to keep all receipts and proof of purchase

Exit Signs

In multifamily buildings exit signs are a significant energy user. You can reduce consumption significantly with ENERGY STAR qualified exit signs. These products operate on five watts or less per face, compared to standard signs, which use as much as 40 watts per face.

When installed throughout a building, ENERGY STAR qualified exit signs can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance costs. One sign alone can save about $15-20 annually on electricity costs and can last up to 25 years without a lamp replacement, compared to less than one year for an incandescent.

ENERGY STAR qualified exit signs are tested for visibility factors, and come with a five-year manufacturer warranty.

Ceiling Fans

ceiling fanENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans move a greater volume of air with less power by taking advantage of advanced motor features and design. These models also incorporate CFLs for even greater energy savings of 60 - 80%. CFLs use less energy and produce very little heat. By incorporating CFLs, the fan is able to cool the surrounding air rather than hot air generated by incandescent bulbs. The whole ceiling fan unit, taking into account the advanced motors, fans, and lights, is about 40% more efficient than standard fan/light combination units.

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Content updated July 9, 2004

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