ational pilots, demonstration projects, and technology field evaluations are an important part of the PATH goal to accelerate the creation and widespread use of advanced housing technologies. These PATH activities help to radically im-prove the quality, durability, energy efficiency, environmental performance, and affordability of our nationís housing. PATHís work with the Oglala Sioux Tribal Partnership for Housing demonstrates just how much we all can learn from each other. PATHís Pine Ridge demonstration project offered important lessons in new training ideas for builders and construction workers, promising technologies and processes for modular and manufactured homes, and exciting, creative financing. The progress that the Oglala Lakota have made in housing in just 6 months demonstrates what can be done when roadblocks are overcome with cooperation and effort. On Pine Ridge, PATH proved once again that private-sector partners such as homebuilders, product manufacturers, insurance and financial companies, and associations working together with federal, state, and local partners can change the status quo. Our partnership is building a better and even more prosperous America with improved housing, increased homeownership, new jobs, and brighter futures for us all.

—Andrew Cuomo
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

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