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PATH A Public-Private Partnership For Advancing Housing Technology
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Researchers in universities and academic institutions bring new conceptual approaches to the homebuilding community. Researchers often conduct their work despite a lack of information resources. PATH fosters this dedication and innovation through the programs it develops for researchers. Working directly with universities and nonprofit research centers through competitions and joint efforts, PATH connects the academic research community to housing technology interests. PATH makes it clear to Federal and industrial stakeholders that quality research is being done in America's institutions of higher learning.



DOE's Invention and Innovation Program
Provides financial assistance for establishing technical performance and conducting early development of innovations and inventions.

Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)
Joint program of NSF and several U.S. States and territories to promote the development of the States' science and technology resources through partnerships involving universities, industry, government, and the Federal R&D; enterprise.

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