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Housing developers—private and nonprofit groups as well as public housing authorities—make many decisions about the physical aspects of homes as they provide affordable housing for their constituencies. Developers often see opportunities for innovations that are affordable and realistic. For instance, the use of energy-efficient systems and appliances and high quality durable products can make housing more affordable through reduced utility bills, lower insurance premiums, and nominal maintenance costs. PATH recognizes that many developers are innovative, willing to cooperate with other housing groups, and considerate of the long-term needs of their clients.

PATH provides the information developers need about technological innovations without jargon, reflective of real-world costs, and consistent with developers' operating methods. PATH also documents the technology lessons developers have learned and promotes their accomplishments within the housing industry. Through their partnerships with PATH, many housing developers offer their projects as Field Evaluation projects and demonstration sites.


Field Evaluations
Builder sites where PATH assesses and evaluates technologies being used in housing.

Demonstration Sites
Builder sites where PATH assesses and evaluates technologies being used in housing; typically involve more units and technologies than evaluation sites.

Technology Stories
Success stories gathered by PATH to demonstrate the use of new housing technologies.

Technical information resource, a service of the NAHB Research Center, funded by private industry and HUD through PATH.

  • HUD Publications

      Affordable Housing Design Advisor
      CD-ROM designed to help the developers, sponsors, and users of affordable housing understand what constitutes quality design, why it is worth striving for, and how to achieve it in their own projects.

      The Rehab Guide series
      Nine-volume set that covers housing rehabilitation and features breakthrough materials, labor-saving tools, and cost-cutting practices.

      A Report on the Feasibility of Deconstruction
      Describes techniques for deconstruction, the process of selective dismantling or removal of materials from buildings before or instead of demolition.

      Building Innovation for Homeownership
      The Building Innovation for Homeownership (BIH) program identifies housing projects across America that employ innovative homebuilding technology, design, and development to make affordable housing and homeownership a reality.

      Creating Defensible Space
      Publication provides an expert review of the Defensible Space concept and three step-by-step case studies to help communities redesign neighborhoods for greater safety.

      Fair Housing Act Design Manual
      Provides guidance to design and construct housing which complies with the Fair Housing Act.

      Energy Desk Book
      Spotlights the heavy burden utility costs can place on affordable housing and economic development.

      An Owners Guide to Energy Efficiency in Single Family Rental Housing
      Brochure to help prospective owners or rehabilitators of rental housing save money by increasing energy efficiency.

      Factory and Site-Built Housing: A Comparative Analysis
      Provides a comparison of HUD-code manufactured housing, conventional site-built homes and factory-built modular homes along several important dimensions.


  • Information and Funding Resources

  • Journals

      Practical information on programs, events, and resources of interest to housing and community development professionals.

      Journal of Housing and Community Development
      Only periodical devoted exclusively to the housing and community development field.

      Examines the issues causing the crisis in housing and community in America, including poverty and racism, disinvestment and lack of employment, safety, education, and breakdown of the social fabric.

      Rural Voices
      Quarterly magazine published by the Housing Assistance Council; covers rural housing and development topics.

      HAC News
      Newsletter of the Housing Assistance Council, which helps local organizations in rural America build affordable homes.

  • Associations and Groups

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