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August 13, 2002

Manna Rehabilitates Deteriorating Housing for First-Time Homebuyers

Washington, D.C.'s Public Housing Scattered Site Demonstration project targets public housing units that have deteriorated over the years and have become uninhabitable. To pursue this work, seven nonprofit developers in the District have formed the Homeownership Group to take title to approximately 75 units. These units are being rehabilitated for sale to first-time homebuyers as affordable housing.

One of the nonprofit developers, Manna, is developing nearly one-half of the units—36 in total—as a part of this program. PATH's University Place Cooperative project encompasses a total of 15 units that will optimize HVAC performance and energy conservation. In addition, it educates local subcontractors about new materials and construction methods. When finished, the rehabilitated units will include 5 one-bedroom units, 7 two-bedroom units, and 3 three-bedroom units.

Steven Winter Associates is providing expertise in the following areas: specification of building materials and products (particularly in the building envelope), fixtures, finishes, and appliances; design and specification of electrical, HVAC, and other mechanical equipment (such as hydro-coil units); energy use and heat gain/loss analysis and recommendations (including REM/Design and Manual J calculations); and education and training of subcontractors about new building materials and construction methods. For example, onsite training has been conducted on optimum-value engineering framing techniques and air-sealing practices.

PATH’S 10 Low Cost/No Cost Starter Steps to Promote “Green” Building

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