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March 25, 1999

PATH National Pilot:
Playa Vista Releases Guidelines Directing Environmentally Responsible Residential Development

Los Angeles, March 25, 1999 -- Playa Vista today launched a program to extend environmentally responsible guidelines to the entire residential portion of its housing project in west Los Angeles. At an event at the future site of the first phase of the community, Playa Vista President Peter Denniston said that the Playa Vista action represented the first time that such comprehensive sustainable development guidelines have been applied throughout a mixed-use development.

"Sustainable performance may be an unfamiliar term to many, but itís going to become more and more of a watchword for development projects nationwide," said Denniston. "Sustainable development, or sustainability, is a set of principles and practices whose goal it is to blend human quality of life with responsibility for the surrounding environment. At Playa Vista this means our contractors will have to build to high standards of energy efficiency and environmental sensitivity," he said.

Denniston said that all residential buildings constructed at Playa Vista must meet the new Guidelines, including those built by firms who purchase property for development. According to Denniston, the Guidelines will result in residential units with advantages in energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, waste minimization, enhanced resident comfort through natural ventilation and other strategies, and ultimately, savings to the consumer.

Playa Vista will work closely with the builders to ensure the successful implementation of the Residential Sustainable Performance Guidelines. Among the strategies that will be used are:

Manufactured Partnerships: Playa Vista is forming partnerships with key manufacturers of sustainable building components and materials, such as Carrier, GE, Kohler and Owens-Corning. Other partnerships will be formed with the utilities serving Playa Vista -- the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the Southern California Gas Company -- and with industry trade groups such as the Steel Recycling Institute;

Builders Workshops: Playa Vista will sponsor a Builders Workshop to educate builders about the Guidelines. Key manufacturer partners will participate in the workshop and;

Technical Assistance: The consulting team that developed the Guidelines will provide technical assistance to builders. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory will monitor two of the first phase buildings to determine builder performance. Among the criteria for evaluation will be compliance with Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star recommendations.

At the press conference Kathy Vega, the Western States Regional Director of the U.S. Department of Energy, noted that Playa Vista has been selected as a "National Pilot Project" under the Partnership for Advancing Technologies in Housing (PATH). In addition, a representative of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency certified Playa Vista as a participant in the EPAís ENERGY STAR program.

Sam Rashkin, ENERGY STAR Homes Program Manager for the EPA, said, "The EPA's ENERGY STAR Homes Program applauds the efforts of the Playa Vista Development for taking steps to decrease pollution by choosing to build energy efficient homes that meet ENERGY STAR guidelines,"

"In fact, the 3,000 ENERGY STAR Homes committed in Phase One will reduce pollution by the equivalent of taking 1,300 cars off the roads. In addition to the pollution prevention benefits, the residents of Playa Vista will experience better indoor air quality, increased comfort, and a quieter indoor environment in their new ENERGY STAR Homes -- all while paying lower utility bills each month!"

The event featured a "Sustainability Fair" with exhibits of green technology by various manufacturers and utilities. Among the exhibitors were the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Southern California Gas Company, Valley Crest, Carrier, Owens-Corning, the North American Steel Framing Alliance, Steel Recycling Institute, Kohler and General Electric. The news conference was powered by a solar photovoltaic array provided by British Petroleum Solar.

Playa Vista is taking shape south of Marina del Rey. The project is being developed on a 1087-acre site, and has been widely praised as a model of modern urban planning in its incorporation of a broad range of forward-thinking planning and environmental initiatives. It will consist of residential housing from affordable to luxury, plus office and commercial space, including an entertainment, new media and technology complex, all set next to a restored wetland and wildlife preserve.

More than half of the project will be devoted to open space, including the restoration of the Ballona Wetlands. This restoration will improve the habitat for many species of flora and fauna, and during the first phase of development, create a freshwater marsh and restore a portion of Centinela Creek along the Westchester bluffs to its natural state.

Playa Vista Phase One is fully entitled, will provide up to 3,246 new residences in an array of housing types, and will create thousands of jobs. Playa Vista is also sponsoring PVJOBS, a program that matches at-risk local youths and young adults with construction jobs at the project.

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